About the Artist

Christelle, June 2018

Christelle is an accomplished acrylic artist who lives in Southern Arizona with her husband, David. Finding inspiration for her paintings from the mixture of culture, history and art that exists in her surroundings, she infuses new, original ideas while creating art in a traditional style. Currently, Christelle teaches beginning and intermediate painting classes for adults. She is an active member of SAACA (Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance), and Audubon Artists, a group which has an ongoing commitment to the public and the artistic community on a national level.


Christina Martinez-Andrews, pseudonym “Christelle,” was born in Indiana, and graduated from Purdue University, where she subsequently taught Spanish; after moving to Tucson, she taught English as a Second Language at the University of Arizona. Recently, she transitioned to a career as a full-time artist depicting landscapes of the Sonoran Desert, national forests, lakes, mountains, flowers, wildlife and birds. Since 2015, she has focused on two new subjects: horses and dogs – the former in original paintings and the latter in pet portraits by commission. Among Christelle’s favorite images are ranch scenes, cowboys, Mexican charros (horsemen), and rodeos. Her art has appeared in exhibitions and galleries in southern Arizona. In 2015, her painting of a mariachi band was permanently installed at the Tucson Convention Center. In 2018, Christelle won first prizes for all of her paintings and nature photography at the Pima County Fair.